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Same 2007 Forum Presentation

10th Edition Sophia Antipolis Forum on MicroElectronics
Sophia Antipolis, France, June 12, 2007 October, 3 & 4, 2007 ESPACES ANTIPOLIS 300, Route des Crêtes 06902 Sophia Antipolis – France SAME 2007 Forum (Sophia Antipolis Forum on MicroElectronics) provides an exceptional venue for discussions and demonstrations with the opportunity to meet exhibitors displaying microelectronics related products. SAME 2007 Forum: A major European microelectronics event where you’ll meet: key market players, industrial leaders, start-ups and academics. A unique opportunity to debate key issues and future trends within a high level technical environment. Keys Success Factors for SAME 2007 Forum: - Emphasis will be given to Tutorials and Technical Papers. - A keynote speech with: Jean-Philippe DAUVIN, ST Chief Economist Emeritus, Cabinet Décision. - An Executive Panel on the topic: “Strategy & growth opportunities in the microelectronics industry” with: - Jean-Luc ABAZIOU, CEO Simpler Networks. - Jacques BENKOSKI, US Venture Partners. - Jean-Philippe DAUVIN, ST Chief Economist Emeritus, Cabinet Décision. - Pierre GARNIER, Eropean Director Texas Instruments. - Charlie JANAC, CEO Arteris. - Chistoph KUTTER, Worldwide R&D Business Group Communication Infineon Technologies - Henri-Alain RAULT, President NXP France. - A Technical Panel on “Multi-standard Development Efficiency” with: - Eric BAISSUS, CEO OPEN PLUG. - Alain CHATEAU, CTO Texas Instruments. - Laurent ROULLET, Alcatel-Lucent Broadcast Mobiles. - The Exhibition Theater, with 30mn presentations on New Microelectronic Products from our sponsors / exhibitors. - An Academic Poster Session with the presentation of their work. - YTD companies exhibiting at the SAME 2007 Forum. SAME 2007 Agenda: SAME 2007 Forum Topic: “Efficiency & Predictability in Wireless System Development” - October 4, will be focused on the Keynote Speech, an Executive Panel on the topic: “Strategy & growth opportunities in the microelectronics industry”, a Start-ups round table, Tutorials and Technical sessions. - October 5, will be focused on the Technical Panel “Multi-standard Development Efficiency” with all Technical Conferences and remaining Tutorials. The Best Paper and Poster awards will cloture the forum. - The Exhibition: October 3: 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM. October 4: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. - Technical Conferences: 6 Sessions from: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM dedicated to the following subjects: RF Advanced Design Advanced Solutions Memory Tools & Methodologies Mixed Signal SAME 2007 Forum, will close on October 4, at: 4:30 PM with the Official Cocktail and the 'Best Paper & Poster Awards' SAME 2007 Forum. (The Award is an original creation from a local artist working in one of the famous glasswork in Biot) Sponsors & Exhibitors at the SAME 2007 Forum: (as of June 11, 2007) AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES, ANSOFT, ARM, ATMEL, AUSTRIAMICROSYSTEMS, AXYLOG, CADENCE, COFLUENT DESIGN, CSR, ENOVIA MATRIXONE, ESTEREL TECHNOLOGIES, INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES, MENTOR GRAPHICS, NXP SEMICONDUCTORS, SYNPLICITY, TELELOGIC, TES ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, X FAB SEMICONDUCTOR FOUNDRIES For more information about the SAME 2007 Forum, please visit our web site: www.same-conference.org Or contact: Anne Claire DESNEULIN Project Manager Forum SAME 2007 Sophia Antipolis MicroElectronics Association Tel : +33 (0)492 294 825 – Mobile : +33 (0)6 60 61 34 21 E-mail : anne-claire.desneulin@cote-azur.cci.fr Press Officer: Fred Santamaria fredmarcom@aol.com   SAME 2007 FORUM : TECHNICAL CONFERENCES, TUTORIALS & ACADEMIC POSTERS SELECTED 1 – TOPICS SELECTED FOR THE TECHNICAL CONFERENCES The 16 technical papers will be shared out in the 6 sessions: RF ADVANCED DESIGN ADVANCED SOLUTIONS MEMORY TOOLS & METHODOLOGIES MIXED SIGNAL Each paper will be nominated for the « Best Paper Award » SAME 2007. 2 – TUTORIALS SELECTED Tutorial 1: Building a 2MB ARM Linux graphical demo from scratch : FREE ELECTRONS. Tutorial 2: How broad is your broadband connection? : CENTILLIUM. Tutorial 3: SOI: A First Step Towards Future : ARM. Tutorial 4: DLPTM – MEMS Based Displays and Beyond : TEXAS INSTRUMENTS. Tutorial 5: Low Frequency Noise in Microelectronics : UNIVERSITY OF MODENA. Tutorial 6: From SiP to Full 3D Integration : INSIGHT SIP, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, NXP SEMICONDUCTORS. 3 – ACADEMIC POSTERS SELECTED Poster 1: VCO design for satellite communication applications : RF Magic, LEAT, UMR CNRS-UNSA. Poster 2: Validation and Optimization of Multi-Standard Transceiver : LEAT, UMR CNRS-UNSA. Poster 3: IP Abstraction Paradigm for RTL Models using Control-Data Slicing Techniques : Laboratory (LabSoC), GET/ENST. Poster 4: Modeling and Simulation of a Hardware Architecture for Design Space Exploration : GET/ENST. Poster 5: High Level Modeling of a Bluetooth Device : NXP Semiconductors, LEAT, UMR UNSA-CNRS, PSI Electronics. Poster 6: Standardized multi-level IP interconnection : I3S, UNSA-CNRS, Synopsys. Poster 7: Khan/Petri in Latency Insensitive Design : INRIA. Poster 8: Corner Case Identification and Correction in System Level Simulation : I3S, UNSA – CNRS. Each poster will be nominated for the « Best Poster Award » SAME 2007. Please visit the SAME 2007 Forum Web Site: The Technical Program is on-line:  www.same-conference.org  Anne Claire DESNEULIN Project Manager Forum SAME 2007 www.same-conference.org Sophia Antipolis Micro-Electronics Association SAME Association Tel : +33 (0)492 294 825 – Mobile : +33 (0)6 60 61 34 21 E-mail : anne-claire.desneulin@same-association.org  

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