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ITT Industries Awards Loware website

It is an italian company that was awarded for the improvement of its own website by ITT INDUSTRIES
A creative and truly international approach to the Internet communication: with acknowledgement of these important qualities, ITT Industries - the multinational group in which Lowara is proud to play a part - recently awarded the company for the improvement of its own website. This recognition provided due reward for the effort performed by the Italian staff, who set up the site working closely with an international team to take the particularities of each market into account and "tune" the communication project to the real needs of each potential user. The results of this specific web-marketing policy were not long in coming and are documented by the number of the lowara.com site's "hits" or visitors last year alone: 370.000 visitors, with over 7 million pages requested and 400 Gbyte data shifted. Thanks to specific instruments like the constantly-updated newsletter that now vaunts over 650 subscribers, the portal has significantly in increased the number of habitual visitors, while other important developments are already in advanced state of development for the purpose of using the site to both co-ordinate integrated management of all on-line and off-line marketing communication activities and improve relationships with old and potential new clients alike.

Autore: Redazione FullPress
Link: http://www.lowara.com
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Pubblicato il: 12 maggio 2004

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